For Business Owners

You’ve built a great company. And now you are looking forward to your next challenge away from your desk, the factory floor. Make sure you choose the right long-term buyer/investor partner who will not only offer you the best market price for your business for all the years of hard work, but also possess the resources to extend your legacy

Let Casspium introduce you to our select group of qualified buyers and investors with decades of experience in managing and investing in established small to mid-sized companies like yours. They know how to accelerate positive outcomes by working with your existing employees to lead your organization to new heights by maximizing all of its potentials

In most cases, existing owners and operators are encouraged to participate in the future success of the business and retain a minority interest, or they may choose to remain with the company as paid advisors, consultants, board members.



  • We introduce owners only to highly qualified buyer clients who can write $10M to $50M checks to sellers for the right opportunity
  • We introduce owners only to buyers considering their desired industry and company size
  • We possess a sustainable track record in facilitating the closing of M&A transactions in the range of $5 million to $25 million
  • We use Structure Facilitation process to help attain the best market value for your business
  • We produce and provide you with a market valuation ( the price which companies like yours are sold for in the market) prior to introducing you and your business to our buyer/investor clients
  • We encourage you to "Ask" your own price which you believe your business is worth and with no pressure from us to accept an offer you are not comfortable with
  • We compile an accurate, concise Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) prior to introducing your business to buyer clients. The CIM includes:
    1. Carefully crafted history of the company
    2. Comprehensive description of the business, services offered, clients serviced, Management team and key accomplishments
    3. Complete financial history and future projections
      The CIM also includes an Executive Summary, known as the “1-Pager” or “Teaser,” which we use in anonymous format for marketing to targeted buyers without divulging the seller’s identity before verified interest can be established
  • We are fanatic about confidentiality throughout the entire process; we don’t disclose any information about your company, not even its identity, until the receiving parties have signed your Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Our proven M&A process is efficient and enables the business owners to concentrate on operating their business while we do the work
  • We coordinate all efforts, from first introductory conference call to closing; for legal, financial, and operational due diligence

If you are looking for an experienced M&A firm to help you accomplish your objectives, then we invite you to talk to our team. We'll try our best to make a difference for you and at no cost to you



Criteria Preferred Investment Characteristics
Transaction Types
  • Buyouts - Owners seeking an exit through the sale of 100% of their company
  • Majority Recapitalizations - Owners seeking an equity partner to fund growth initiatives (this is an instance where an owner sells a majority of his/her business but still retains minority ownership; generally, 10% to 30%)
Investment Size $5 Million to $50 Million
Industries Business Services, Healthcare Services, Consumer Products and
Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, Industrial Products and Service,
Environmental Products and Services, Technology, Defense &
Security, Control Systems, Utilities, Construction & Materials,
Outsourced Business Services, Food and Beverages, Education, Animal
Products and Services
Company Size
  • Businesses with Annual Revenue: $5 million to $25 million
  • Businesses with Annual EBITDA: $2 million to $6 million
Business Attributes
  • Strong and experienced management
  • Businesses that are at least 5 years old
  • Proven business model
  • Strong competitive position
  • Favorable growth prospects
  • Strong value proposition
  • Strong margins and free cash flow generation
  • Clear value creation opportunities
  • Reasonable valuations
Not Considered Startups, real estate, restaurants, franchise, negative
cash flow, publicly traded affiliated businesses
If you are the owner of an established business with annual net profit of $2 million or higher and you are planning to exit your business in the next few months or seeking a qualified financial or strategic investment partner to fund growth, contact us today for a free valuation to determine the current market price of your business.